Dog's health is our priority

Allow your dog to lead a healthy life with the best food

Eating healthy is very important if you want your dog to feel better and stay healthy. It has been proven that if your dog is consuming a healthy diet then it will extend their lifespan. So, this is what every owner wants. We all know that commercial dog foods are very expensive and not everyone can afford it even though it is considered to be the best. So, one can also concentrate on feeding their dog with the healthiest diet. The diet should be planned in a balanced way so that the dogs can live a very active life. Normally when we pick a dog food we look at the products that are containing no by-products and is made from the natural ingredients and contains the meat as the key ingredient. But the dog owners are making homemade dog foods that are comparatively healthier. So let’s see what will be the best option for your dog and check the difference between Homemade Dog Food vs. Commercial Brands: What’s Better for Dogs?

No preservatives or additives: It has been proven that every product comes with the additives. The antioxidants which are used in these foods are used in the foods to refrain it from becoming rancid. So it does not contain any nutritional value but it is only added to make the product look visually appealing.

Carbohydrates: It has been stated that not all dogs need a very rich diet that contains a lot of Carbohydrates but they will be needing carbs on the cellular level that will help the body to form the glucose. This glucose converts into energy which are used by the cells. So taking the proper amount of glucose is very important in order to maintain the natural ability of the body to produce glucose.

Nutritional values: When you are making the homemade dog food then you can easily control the content of nutrition like controlling the protein or carbohydrate and also controlling the good fats. In a commercial brand, you may not be able to control it. Not every dog can digest the commercial brand dog food and hence they should be only given with the diet that is completely homemade.

Affordability: Affordability is a great factor when you are purchasing the dog foods. The commercial brand will cost you a lot even when you are getting the supply for two weeks. But if you are using all the home ingredients for making the dog food then it is definitely going to cost you less because you can also provide them with the vegetables or non-veg items which you are also consuming.

Depending on the health of the dog one should determine what kind of dog food their body needs. It has been found that when a dog is a newborn then they will be needing products that will have excessive nutritional value and will be loaded with fats so that they can have a healthy and fluffy body. Whereas when you are providing food to a grown dog they might not need such amount of fat. So make sure that you have a valid reason before you are providing your dog with a commercial food or homemade dog food.