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Can dogs get sick from a human?

We all know that illness can get transferred from one living being to another living being like humans. If your sister is having a viral fever then chances of you getting it is also high. So when the dog is living with you under the same roof then being the dog’s owner you will definitely have many kinds of questions like Can dogs get sick from a human? And the answer is yes, dogs can definitely catch your illness. If you are sick try to limit your contact with the dog.

How the disease gets transmitted?

  • Whenever an infected person is having physical contact with the un-infected person then chances of the second person to catch it is high due to pathogens which are transferred during this procedure.
  • Even the pathogens can get transferred from one person to another through the contaminated surface.
  • The pathogen is present everywhere starting from dust particles to air. So it is going to enter your body through mouth, nose or eye.

Can dogs get affected by the bacteria?

The answer is not every kind of pathogen or bacteria can affect both human and dogs. The transmitting medium of the diseases may not be the same for both cases. There are certain ways through which can it be transferred and those are indirect contact, direct contact, fecal-oral transmission and airborne transmission.

How are the dogs getting sick from humans?

As we have studied in the last paragraph that dogs can definitely get the pathogens from the human so yes they can definitely get sick. But there is another side of the story and that is the way the dog is going to react to the illness and the body of the dog is considered to be more resistant when compared to that of the human. So the chances of this transmission are rare.

Diseases which can get transferred from you to your dog

Mumps: Mumps is a very contagious viral disease that can be transmitted from humans to dogs. So the dogs will show symptoms like loss of appetite, fever, and salivary glands will get swelled.

Parasites: There are parasites like tapeworms, roundworms or hookworms that can be caught by the dog from the humans.

Ringworm: Ringworm is a kind of fungal infection but not the parasite and it can be easily transferred between humans and the dogs. It is considered to be very mild and will cause some rashes which will itch and can cause hair loss in dogs. You can always use the topical medication for treating the dog suffering from ringworm.

Flu: There are different kinds of flu which are being noticed in animals like swine flu, bird flu which occurs in animals. There is certain documentation which also indicates that dogs can also catch swine flu from the humans.

We all know prevention is better than cure so make sure that you are staying at a good distance from your dog if you are sick. Sickness for humans and dogs may be the same but that effect will be different because the dogs will have to face more difficulties if they are sick.